Tyres R Us Digital Transformation

Tyres R Us Digital Transformation

Project Overview

Tyres R Us, a well-established automotive business with over a decade of experience, recognized the need to transition into the digital landscape in 2023. Digital Growth was tasked with a comprehensive digital transformation, including rebranding, website development, strategic online advertising, and local SEO implementation.

Project Name
Rolling into the Digital Era
Automotive - Tyres and Services
September 2023 - Ongoing

Our Role

Digital Growth spearheaded Tyres R Us’ digital transition, executing a complete rebranding, developing a user-centric website, orchestrating targeted Google Ads campaigns, and implementing local SEO strategies to ensure prominence in Bradford’s search engine results.

Strategic Actions

1. Rebranding

Objective: Modernize brand identity while retaining brand recognition.

Approach: Digital Growth conducted a strategic rebranding, creating a refreshed logo and brand identity that aligned with contemporary automotive industry trends.

2. Website Development

Objective: Build an informative and user-friendly online platform.

Approach: A responsive website was crafted, showcasing Tyres R Us’ extensive range of services and products. The website emphasized user experience, seamless navigation, and effective calls-to-action.

3. Domain and Email Acquisition and Hosting

Objective: Establish a professional and consistent online presence.

Approach: Digital Growth managed the acquisition of a relevant domain, implemented professional email solutions, and ensured secure and reliable hosting for seamless digital operations.

4. Google Ads Campaign

Objective: Increase call volume and online visibility.

Approach: Digital Growth devised and executed targeted Google Ads campaigns, focusing on local search optimization and emphasizing a call-to-action. This strategy led to a significant increase in daily call volume.

5. Local SEO Implementation

Objective: Enhance local visibility within Bradford.

Approach: Digital Growth implemented robust local SEO strategies to ensure that Tyres R Us prominently appeared in search engine results when customers in Bradford searched for tyre-related services.


  • Rejuvenated Brand Image: The rebranding efforts successfully modernized Tyres R Us’ image, attracting a new generation of customers while maintaining loyalty from existing clients.

  • Enhanced Online Presence: The website became a central hub for customers, providing valuable information and facilitating easy communication with Tyres R Us.

  • Increased Call Volume: The Google Ads campaign led to a substantial boost in daily calls, directly impacting business inquiries and appointments.

  • Local Visibility: Through effective local SEO, Tyres R Us achieved prominent visibility in Bradford’s search engine results, capturing the attention of the local audience.


Digital Growth’s comprehensive approach to Tyres R Us’ digital transformation not only brought the business into the digital era but also positioned it as a dynamic and customer-centric automotive service provider. The successful execution of rebranding, website development, strategic advertising, and local SEO solidified Tyres R Us’ presence in both the physical and digital realms.

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