Content Creation


Our content creation services seamlessly slot into your digital marketing strategy to help boost visibility and brand awareness.

Our content creation services cover any type of content utilised to represent your business.

From copywriting to social media, video to infographics, our team have you covered. Content is such a broad topic that it involves any kind of output that businesses share to help customers learn about products and services.

The defining factor when it comes to content creation is that it must meet both business objectives and speak to your audience in an engaging way. Our content experts love nothing more than helping clients create captivating content of any format. From the initial research phase, right through to the final sign off, content requires specialist skills, which are readily available at Blue Frontier.


Website & SEO Content Writing.

Content creation forms an important part of wider SEO strategies. Fresh, unique and relevant content is great for users and search engines alike. Informative content keeps people on site and reduces bounce rates, as well as enlightening visitors about your products and services. We optimise web site copy to rank highly in the search results in order to deliver more opportunities for your business.

We are experts in SEO strategy to get your business above the competition and we support these efforts through optimising existing web site copy and adding fresh web pages, blog posts and improving meta data. If you are creating a new website, we can carry out the relevant detailed research and produce the content, ready to get you noticed.


Blog & Article Content Creation

Sharing knowledge is one way of attracting potential leads who might not yet be ready to purchase or connect. Our content creation team research and write content that is likely to rank for important keywords that are relevant to your industry. Creating a content plan and then delivering regular blog posts, news pieces or articles will enhance the content on your website and can be distributed via email, social media or outreaching to increase brand awareness.

We focus on constructing content for your target audience and optimise it for search engines, which makes the blog section of a website an important resource. We collaborate closely with our clients to get a grasp on the subject matter to focus on and pair it up with our own in depth industry research, a tried and tested formula that ensures content ranks highly.

Technical and thought leadership pieces stand businesses out as leaders in their respective industries, and by then optimising this content for search engine, it ensures that the relevant audience will find it.


Social Media Content Creation Services

Our social media team are well versed in the art of creating exciting content for various digital channels. Whether you need to run competitions to increase your followers, or you have a new product to launch, we can schedule content to entice new users to your business and keep your existing audience engaged.

Tell your story through social media content that informs, entertains and inspires. Sharing stories at the right time in the right channels will build a relationship with your audience and keep you in the forefront of their mind for when they need your products or services.

We create schedules so that your business has a presence throughout the month and can orchestrate events such as competitions, giveaways and conversations with your audience, and we plan ahead to get your voice heard during seasonal peaks. With tracking and campaign management, we can tweak campaigns as and when to ensure you have the maximum presence.